I thought I'd give making a DW layout a try. Haven't done one of these in a long time. If I make more, I'll post them on the site. Made with help from my wife, who's much more familiar with DW/LJ code. As a note, this is a DW layout using DW code. You cannot install this on LJ. The way layouts are coded on LJ vs DW is quiet different. Click images to see full image size. This is no longer live on my journal.
How to Install
1. Download the zip folder here. This contains the CSS code, the theme layout code, and all of the images for the layout. If you'd like to use different images, make sure you use images of the same size or you'll need to do some more editing. After you download the zip file, upload the images for the layout somewhere. Dreamwidth allows all users to upload some images (how much storage you get depends on your account type). That should be doable with these images at all account levels. Keep the URLs on hand for adding into the code. 2. Now, go to DW itself's main page. Go to "Organize" from the navigation on the main page and click on "Select Style". Use the search box to find a Strata layout. Apply it. Under "Choose a Page Setup", pick "1 Column (modules at top and bottom; no sidebar)". Then, go to "Customize Your Theme". 3. Under "Customize Your Theme", go to "Presentation"". Set "Select whether user interaction links are printed as text or using the available icons" to "text-only". Set "Select whether entry management links are printed as text or using the available icons" to "text-only". Set "Select whether comment management links are printed as text or using the available icons" to "text-only". Hit "Save Changes". 4. Now still under "Customize Your Theme", go to "Modules". Uncheck every box ecept for "Links List" and "Navigation". Make sure "Link List" is set to "1"and "Main Module Section". Make sure "Navigation" is set to "2" and "Main Module Section". Save Changes. 5. Still under "Customize Your Theme", now go to "Link List" and add whatever links you'd like to use as your navigation. The main navigation module will be used for something else using a Theme Layer. So, if you'd like to have the same links that are typically in the navigation, add the links manually here, or whatever you'd prefer to have handy. Save Changes. 6. Still under "Customize Your Theme", go to "Custom CSS". Make sure "Use layout's stylesheet(s)" is unckecked. Paste https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Indie+Flower link in the "Custom Stylesheet URL". This will give the layout the custom font. If you want a different font, Google offers plenty that are freely hosted there. Just search through the fonts and put in the link given for that one. 7. After getting the link for the font, now open up the text file "Lui layout" from the zip folder. Add your image URLs for the layout into the spaces with those names. For example, look for spots that say "Main Background Image" and replace that with the URL you used to host the iamge with that name. Once you're done, paste the file into the "Use Embedded CSS" box. Save Changes. 8. Now, go to "Advanced Customization". Go to "Your Layer" from there. Under "Create a Layout-Specific Layer", make sure type is set to "Theme" and Layout is set to "Strata". Hit "Create". Under the "Your Layers" section, you should see a theme layer with the name "(none)". Click on the "Edit" button and paste the code from the text file "Layer Overrides" in the zip folder. Then click on "Save & Compile". Hit "Back to layers list". Now go to "Your Styles" and go to the bolded style that has "Use" grayed out. Hit the "Edit" button. Make sure "Theme"is set to "Layer Overrides" and save changes. Notes: This layout has the icons page customized. If you'd like to have the icons page in the layout them, go to "Account Settings" and go to the "Display" tab. Make sure "Show my journal's icons pages in my chosen style instead of the site layout" is checked. This is of course, entirely optional, but those who come from LJ may not know that this feature exists, so I just wanted to bring it up. Ludwig Kakumei art is obviously by Kaori Yuki. Other background images came from Subtle Patterns. As for the pixels, most of my pixel collection comes places without sources and most were originally meant to be shareware anyway. So I don't really know the sources for those. However, if you do happen to know the credit for any of the pixels, I'll add them here. Just leave me a comment or email me. A warning: this layout isn't really designed for mobile. It's intended for desktop usage. If you want something mobile friendly, sorry, you'll have to edit the code yourself. Which you are of course, free to do as much as you'd like. If you make a layout based on this one and want to share it, feel free. Just lists that the base design was by me in your notes or credit section.