Since I've been on that LJ icon rescue mission, I got nostlagic for LJ, but LJ isn't a good place to be anymore. Dreamwidth is about as close as I'll get. I made an account and joined dailyicons to get back into making icons. Most of these are for my challenge claims, some were for fun. You can see my tables+prompts here. I'll update this as I make more. All stock images used come from Unsplash and are by: Zhang Kenny, Zarah V Windh, Meghan Hessler, Nikolas Noonan, Albert Antony, Nathan Wright, Rachel Coyne, Ed Leszczynskl, Nick Fewings, Alexander Popov, Annie Spratt, Max Felner, Virgil Cayasa, Ganapathy Kumar, Modcatshop, Wes Hicks, Pawel Szvmanski, Karina Vorozheeva, Dagmara Dombrovska, ElliotM, Diego PH, Alecsander Alves, I Am Nah, Jasmin Chew, Justin Merced, Samantha Gades, Vladyslav Tobolenko, William Rouse, Flo Karr, Handy Wicaksono, James Forbes, Julian Hochgesang, Joshua Rawson, Roberto H, Te Nyugen, Abbie Bernet, Molnar Balint, Yuris Alhumaydy, Priscilla du Preez, Sierra Nicole Narvaeth, Patrick Tomasso, A Pril, Tsvetelin Todorov, Nick Owuor Astro Nic Visuals, Uriel Soberanes, Yousef Espanioly, Francesco Ungaro, Karin Hiselius, Cris Obey, Carles Rabada, Paige Cody, Cala, and Vadim Sadovski.