Deer Tracking 2022
It's a new year. Time for a new deer tracker page. Still miss Listography, but I'll continue to keep doing my tracking here. There's no point in going back to something that's obviously dead.
Doe: 21 Doe fawn: 2 Buck: 0 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 23 Notes: New year, and seen 12 does in one go on the 2nd day of January. I didn't get to go out as often as I'd liked to. It's been very cold. We had a bit of snow this month. The woodchucks are already out anyway. Heard some deer in the brush not far from the baseball field, but I wasn't able to see any of them.
Doe: 12 Doe fawn: 2 Buck: 2 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 16 Notes: Saw a group of does together during the rain in a spot near where I heard them at last month. On the other side of the park, I saw a huge deer. His coat was so light grey he looked almost white. I barely saw him he was so camoflauged. He was massive, the biggest buck I've ever seen in the area. On the same trip, I saw the hawk that's always down by the creek. The woodchucks are very active now. Saw another group of does and one buck. Then on a rainy night, saw a lone, young buck at the park. Lots of frogs out this month. Heard the first bat of the year. The opossums are getting lively again too.
Doe: 29 Doe fawn: 1 Buck: 0 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 30 Notes: No bucks seen this month. Lots of does everywhere, in groups. Unfortunately, I saw recently that a doe was hit by a car not far from the highway.
Doe: 4 Doe fawn: 0 Buck: 0 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 4 Notes: I've seen fireflies this month already. They're not usually out this early. I've also been hearing cicadas??!! Not too many deer seen this month that I could identify. I did see two different large groups, but they were running through the woods at night both times. So I couldn't figure out the exact number of them or get a good look to check for antlers.
Doe: 11 Doe fawn: 1 Buck: 1 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 13 Notes: Saw the deer around the park again, near the vegetable garden the city put up for senior citizens. It's a good thing they put up such a high fence around it or I'm sure they would've eaten everything up, haha, as what happened to one of the people in the neighborhood when 15 deer decided to munch on their veggies all at once one night. But they have a fence now too. They've been eating at the kudzu that grows farther down on the bank behind the garden. I think they like the fences there and at the baseball field. They know they can't run through them, but they know humans can't either! It's a shield with a view. They seem to like grazing just behind fences in other places around town too.
Doe: 6 Doe fawn: 0 Buck: 3 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 9 Notes: First deer of the month seen at the park early in the morning, a doe all by herself. I tried to get a picture of her, but she caught on and dahsed off. Saw 3 bucks in an area of one of the other parks we don't normally go to. One of the bucks there was missing an antler. They were all young.
Doe: 10 Doe fawn: 0 Buck: 1 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 11 Notes: Saw deer less often this month, but in groups. Haven't really been seeing many fawns this year...
Doe: 4 Doe fawn: 0 Buck: 2 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 6 Notes:
Year Total
Doe: 97 Doe fawn: 6 Buck: 8 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 102 Notes:
The End