Deer Tracking 2021
I used to keep track of this on my Listography account, but I got bored of there and deleted my account. This is my deer tracking list. How I'm counting things: basically, every time I see a deer, or group of deer, I add that number in. Several of these deer are "counted" many times. This is just how many times I saw specific deer.
Doe: 14 Doe fawn: 9 Buck: 6 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 29 Notes: I saw Big Buckley for the first time in a long time. The Lady gave birth to two fawns last year, but this month, I've only seen her with one, a doe fawn. Not sure if she lost the other one, or if the second one was a buck fawn who's wandered off. She's been spotted mostly with her usual friend and her two doe fawns. Haven't seen the cream colored doe in a while. The bucks have mostly been seen closer to the highway, while the does have been seen either by the church or in the park.
Doe: 11 Doe fawn: 13 Buck: 0 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 24 Notes: Mostly saw the lady's group this month, and sometimes I've seen her by herself. They've been preferring the more isolated section of the park his month over the church lately.
Doe: 10 Doe fawn: 5 Buck: 0 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 15 Notes: The lady+her friend+their doe fawns were who we saw in the beginnings of the month. Not sure about the does later on. No bucks seen at all this month. Sightings were pretty low compared to usual.
Doe: 11 Doe fawn: 0 Buck: 0 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 11 Notes: Mostly been seeing the adults, and in unusual and more out of the way spots. They're pretty scarce so far this month. However, the woodchucks are everywhere. I saw 6 in a single day. Saw the first bunny this year late at night at the park. I suspect to see them more in June or July. Surprised I didn't see a single buck though.
Doe: 3 Doe fawn: 1 Buck: 0 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 4 Notes: Didn't see many deer this month. Saw one doe fawn, one born last year, not this year. I suspect with how sparse they've been this month, they may be giving birth around now. Last year, they stayed pretty hidden in late April-through May as well. No bucks once again. While I didn't see many deer, the woodchucks have been everywhere lately, as well as the local opossums.
Doe: 0 Doe fawn: 1 Buck: 0 Buck fawn: 6 Total: 7 Notes: Saw the same yearling doe again. Later on in the month, I saw many yearling bucks. A group was practicing with their antlers in the park one night. Aside from the deer, the woodchucks have been very active again. No sign of any adult deer this month, buck or doe.
Doe: 16 Doe fawn: 7 Buck: 5 Buck fawn: 5 Total: 33 Notes: The babies are here! I've primarily been seeing one specific doe with her doe fawn and buck fawn near the baseball field, but I've seen a few other mothers and their babies around this month. And I saw Buckley for the first time in a long time. This has been the busiest month so far. The summer months were when I saw the most activity last year.
Doe: 18 Doe fawn: 5 Buck: 3 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 26 Notes: Ran into a group of rowdy deer who thought they could intimidate me out of the woods. Mostly the buck. After all that noise, they ran off when they heard me open my water bottle. The doe who had twins seems to have lost the buck fawn. Swinging by the lake, I have found even more deer in the area, mostly does. They don't appear to have had many fawns in that area in comparison to the number of adult does, but perhaps they've lost many of them. I was only able to see 2 doe fawns in that area, and no buck fawns.
Doe: 4 Doe fawn: 4 Buck: 5 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 13 Notes: Didn't have many chances to see the deer this month. I didn't go out very late, due to the cops being particularly aggressive lately about ticketing and tailgating people after 8PM for some reason. Must need some more cash or something. It really does seem that the doe who had twins has lost her buck fawn. The older buck who's been hanging around her and her doe fawn has still been staying with her. Aside from deer, seen lots of frogs this month, the woodchucks are fatter than ever, a cute snake was near the pond, and I had a coyote come up to my front door trying to kill a cat. I scared it off. The cat is fine now, but many of the outdoor/semi-outdoor cats in the area are missing. I've noticed coyote tracks down at the park along the creek as well, and into the woods. Seems to be a lone coyote male.
Doe: 10 Doe fawn: 3 Buck: 6 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 18 Notes: I didn't get a chance to go out very much this month, and it's been pretty busy in town at night. So, I haven't gotten as many chances to see them. A coyote was killed in the area recently. I suspect that's where some of the missing fawns from this year went.
Doe: 2 Doe fawn: 2 Buck: 2 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 6 Notes: I saw a coyote walking along the side of the highway in a very busy area. This one was very uh, round. I suspect it's been feeding off of food from the enarby restaurants/fast food places more than hunting. He didn't seem to shy either. That area is regularly used as a walking path for people. I suspect he may likely have been fed by people thinking he's a dog too, given his lack of shyness. Haven't seen very many deer this month, but I haven't been out too late either. It's both too cold and the cops are having lots of fun pulling people over for any minor offense they can find once it hits 6PM. Haha, maybe they'll chill out after the holiday season.
Doe: 10 Doe fawn: 9 Buck: 2 Buck fawn: 0 Total: 21 Notes: Saw more than last month, but nowhere near as many as last year. One of the opossums near the house has a bunch of big babies in her pouch right now, which makes her look massive (and she was already huge to start with) and makes her walk even more wobly. She's still a fast runner when she wants to be.
Year Total
Doe: 109 Doe fawn: 59 Buck: 29 Buck fawn: 11 Total: 208 Notes: So ends my first year tracking the deer on the site. Last year, I tracked them on Listography which I was using to keep track of a lot of things I'm now doing on this site. I do still miss Listography. It has a certain feel and aesthetics to it, but no one's really there anymore and it's more stripped down than before. You can tell the people behind the site aren't interested in doing anything with it anymore, unfortunately. It's much like Dreamwidth, existing, but never improving or fixing long standing issues. Due to COVID, i wasn't able to be out and see as many deer as last year. I hope next year I'll get to see more.
The End