I'm making this page in hopes of diverting people from buying stolen art on AliExpress/Amazon. Lately, Etsy is also getting filled up with AliExpress knockoff items being resold as "vintage" or "original art" by various shops. I've linked the official stores for artists I've been able to track down. Many of the people below sell stationery, and very nice prints and clothes. I've added some pictures of the official products of each artist. Mizucats Store here. Stolen art is typically seen on AliExpress, usually in sticker packs with other artists or on journals, notebooks, and other paper stationery. Mizucats sells both stickers and stationery, along with shirts and other items.
The Crystal Unicorn Tarot Etsy shop here. The creator and artist do not sell this deck anywhere but this Etsy shop. This isn't a mass manufactured deck. It should never be "cheap". This is what started my little journey on making this page.
Re° Pixiv account here. Updates on sales are announced on Pixiv usually. Common to see in sticker packs on AliExpress. A favorite artist of mine. Doesn't frequently sell items. You'll have to keep tabs on that.
Pointless Brand/anniecelric Linktree here. Art is commonly placed in sticker packs with other art I presume is stolen. Seen on Amazon and AliExpress. The real artist sells on Etsy, typically posters, clothing, and stickers.
Spriscillart/Stephanie Priscilla Art Etsy shop here, Twitter here. Typically art is slapped on stickers in packs, often with Pointless Brand's stuff. Stephanie sells a lot of items on Etsy.
Meyoco Linktree here. Definitely seen on AliExpress and Amazon, typically in a pack of her art bundled together as stickers. Meyoco sells prints, sticker packs, clothes, and other items across multiple shops. All can be found on the linktree, and all much higher quality items than the knockoffs.
Namu13/tree13 Linktree here. Commonly stolen and seen in AliExpress/Amazon sticker packs. I often see these pieces on notebooks and diaries too. This artist sells goods in multiple shops.
Aleksovana Store here. Stolen art frequently put in sticker packs and on notepads on AliExpress, often with a mix of other artists' works.