This is a rescue mission. As you know, Photobucket watermarks everything now. A lot of old LJ journals & comms are deleted. I am posting these here just to preserve them. These came from posts at count_cain, archived links of the old ludwig comm that's gone, other KY comms, and profile hopping. I didn't get the source for all of these, some had no source. Many came from redmoon_icons, pantaloons, versiform, carnivalization, amarylis, uzumiacc, fuyou/lullabyte, insomnikat, iedike, unumbrella, teapeach, midnightrose5, superlevel, and -ashenicons. All are from dead accounts. Mostly Cain & Ludwig. Some others snuck in. I know this is basically a defunt thing at this point, but I didn't want this "style" of avatars to be forgotten. If you know of some links with images still up with more icons, link me. I prioritized my own interests here, but if there's some other KY icons/specific characters you'd like me to go on a hunt for, I'll do it. Just let me know. I plan on posting icons from other fandoms/themes eventually as I'm getting little collections going. I've learned recently a lot of people aren't aware LJ's servers are in Russia and that its current owner is a Russian state bank that is presently being sanctioned as of me making this page. Given the current affairs of the world, there's no guarantee on how long LJ will be accessible outside Russia, or if it stays around. If you have a journal there, I suggest you back it up on Dreamwidth using their importer just to be extra cautious and make archived copies of your posts on the Wayback for good measure. Dreamwidth may not have this feature for long either, as LJ is actively trying to block them from letting you do this already. If you need help with importing, the staff at DW will help you.