Here is a list of DBT acronyms. This page isn't for explaining how to use them. This is a cheatsheet for those who are already familiar with these acronyms for quick reference. Some of these are "unofficial" but can be found in reputable books, some have alternates out there so wording might be slightly different than what you've been taught. DEAR MAN Describe, Express, Assert, Reinforce, be Mindful, Act confident, Negotiate DECREE Define, Expect, Communicate, Reinforce, Express, Exhibit confidence SCREW Solve the problem, Change your relationship, Radically accept the problem, Entertain misery, Worsen the problem FAST be Fair, no Apologies, Stick to your values, be Truthful CLEAR Communicate directly, Lying will lead to guilt, Excuses and apologies are not necessary, Act now, Respect yourself LET GO Leave, Express, Take an ice-cold shower, Get active, Openness to fun CAn DO IT Commit to persist, Acknowledge self-validation, Define your goal, Open yourself to one thing in the moment, Initiate generosity, Thank life STOP Stop, Take a step back, Observe, Proceed mindfully ACCEPTS Activities, Contributing, Comparisons, Emotions, Pushing away, Thoughts, Sensations TIP Temperature, Intense exercise, Paced breathing/Paired muscle relaxation/Progressive relaxation IMPROVE the moment Imagery, Meaning, Prayer, Relaxation, One thing in the moment, Vacations, Encouragement GIVE be Gentle, act/be Interested, Validate, use an Easy manner PLEASE treat PhysicaL illness, balance Eating, Avoid mood-alerting drugs, balance Sleep, get Exercise ABC Accumulate positive experiences, Build mastery, Cope ahead of time VITALS Validate, Imagine, Take small steps, Applaud yourself, Lighten your load, Sweeten the pot build MASTERy Mindul to emotion, Act opposite to emotion, Self-validation, Turn the mind, Experience building positives, Radical acceptance RIDE THE WAVE Register your body sensations, Identify your action urges, Determine the emotion, Express to yourself nonjudgmentally, Take deep breaths, Hands and body are open, Establish a grounded position, Watch and notice your emotions as if it were a WAVE BEHAVE Breathe and stay in this moment, Experience and label emotions as they arise, Hear what the other person is saying and notice your judgments, Apologies to the other person if you have not upheld your values, Expand your awareness and take in as many different aspects of the relationship as you can (open your mind to positive, negative, and neutral memories and experiences) THINK Take a breath to slow yourself down, Hold your hands open with palms facing upward, Identify any cognitive distortions, you are Not your thoughts, be Kind to yourself slow down and think SNAIL Situate-when you recognize fear arising find a place away from distractions, Notice the thought this perons is going to leave me and the emotions/thoughts that arise, Actions- notice your urge to act on your fear, breathe, and do not act on the urge, Identify the specific thoughts/emotions causing your suffering, Label your thoughts/emotions as they arise/label facts and what are assumptions GET ME Ground yourself using mindful breathing, Express that you need space to figure out the misunderstanding, Think about alternatives to your certainty about the other person's position, Maintain an even manner by reminding yourself that everyone is doing the best they can, Express yourself by clearly validating the other person's POV while articulating yours EDIT Express your story on paper mindfully attending to habitual details, Describe the ways in which specific assumptions lead to specific thoughts/emotions, Identify the thoughts/emotions that cause you the most suffering, Tell your story differently by using different assumptions and end the story differently STABLE Sad, Terrified, Angry, Bored, Love, Excited- do you remember a time when you were (x) emotion; how did (x) emotion make you think about (y) person; write down your behaviors from then, your judgments, and your emotions from that memory; review what your wrote for (x) emotion; what do you notice?